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Most companies pursue standardization, series production, uniformity,

Ricami Fiorentini Baldi choose CUSTOMIZATION

unique piece, tailored, choose to meet the needs of each individual customer.

This is possible because we work with craftsmen with a capital "C", those who still cut the fabric with their hands

so they can make your sheets, tablecloths, quilts to the centimeter..

Yes, it's have to wait a little longer. You cannot press the "buy" button and already wait for the courier at the door..

We need time to build the "tailored suit" for your bed and for your table.

That's why we call ourselves "The Tailoring of home linen".

*richiedila durante l'acquisto

Chosen by you ... the best sellers of the month!


Roses coverlet

100% pure cotton


Set bath towels DIAMANTE

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Bed sheet set

100% pure cotton



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The shipment is made by courier within 8/10 days from the order

For more information, contact us by email