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Reviews on our household linen production

December 2020


"I bought three sets of towels with the name embroidered on them. Wonderful.
Kindness, courtesy and precision.
Certainly to be recommended.
Florentine embroidery congratulations "

December 2020


"I bought a Rebrodé quilt. I love it !!! I contacted the company and showed the measurements in my bed. I received a couple of fabric samples that I had placed here on the site. Once I decided, the preparation and the quilt was sent quickly. Ricami Fiorentini Baldi a guarantee! "

September 2020


"I received the sheets with perfect timing. Very nice and of excellent quality. Thank you."

July 2020


"I received the satin sheets yesterday. I customized the colors. Great products, it was a surprise to me! Beautiful sheets and excellent quality! "

April 2020


"By now I am used to your high quality, therefore, when I need it, I always turn to you.
A special thanks to Mrs. Arianna who is always very kind and helpful.

March 2020


"J'ai reçu ce jour la nappe anti-tâches et les serviettes assorties, avec une finition feston. The women's ensemble a beautiful effect avec une bonne qualité de tissu. La livraison a été rapide. "

February 2020


"Extraordinary product in the quality / price ratio. I will buy again "

December 2019


"Patience is a virtue of Mrs. Baldi! Punctual, precise, reliable company, with impeccable quality products! Everything for perfect! I am waiting for spring to make further purchases .. Thanks "

December 2019


"I bought the 100% cotton bed set with satin flounce and Greek embroidery in a Maxi double size for my kit, I liked it very much, well packaged, good fabric, perfect. "

November 2019


"I purchased a duvet for a 1 1/2 square bed, made to measure, excellent finishings, fast shipping and competent qualified staff is always polite "

October 2019


"I am very happy with the purchase, product of excellent quality and finishing "

October 2019


"I would say very satisfied! Excellent quality fabric and very punctual with delivery times! My really beautiful duvet cover! And I also add very friendly and helpful. I will definitely buy again! "

August 2019


"My compliments for the seriousness, correctness, professionalism and quality of the items purchased. "

August 2019


"I'm happy with my purchase. The sheets are very nice"

July 2019


"I was fully satisfied with my purchase: the maxi sheets I ordered are very beautiful and of excellent quality; even the chosen color is perfect. I also have to congratulate the company for its seriousness and professionalism, as I have always been updated on the times. processing, shipping and delivery. Excellent! "

July 2019


"A month ago I ordered three bed sets, they are all very beautiful and of excellent quality, especially the one in very soft cotton satin, the onion color is also beautiful. Satisfied with the purchase."

June 2019


"Thank you very much. Very good fabric of the ordered garments, order processed in record time. Mrs. Arianna is truly exceptional. We will meet you for the next purchase"

May 2019


"Competence, professionalism and availability, these are the qualities of Mrs. Arianna as well as kindness. Excellent value for money."

May 2019


"I have known this serious and professional company for a long time, today I placed my fifth order of sheets that are very beautiful even after many washes."

April 2019


"Professional like few people, the best of made in Italy"

April 2019


"I bought a complete bed with bunk sheet online months ago and I had a great time. The seller was very kind and helpful. The bespoke product fits perfectly and the fabric is of quality! Thank you very much. Highly recommend. "

April 2019


"I bought a complete" Montecarlo "bed, super maxi double size. Finally the right size for my bed, the product is of good quality and exactly what I was looking for. Friendly and helpful seller."

March 2019

Anna Rita:

"I finally found the cotton satin I was looking for. I recommend everyone the thrill of resting in this fabulous fabric!
Serious company that works great at honest prices! Thanks."

March 2019

Daniela Zoratti:

"I bought sateen sheets and towels with figures and I am delighted with both the quality and the packaging. Professional and very courteous. Thanks"

February 2019


"Great quality duvet cover and sheet underneath, perfect finishes, excellent cotton. Details even in the packaging. Without anything else, it is the ideal site for those looking for professionalism, courtesy and quality. Thanks"

February 2019

Rachel and Joseph:

"A few weeks ago I ordered several items of bed linen; I did not know this company, but scrolling through the items - albeit expensive and of good brand - offered by one of the most well-known online sales sites, the products immediately caught my attention. of "Ricami Fiorentini Baldi", both for the beauty of the artifacts and the care with which they appeared packaged, and for the availability of a wide range of colors and a made-to-measure creation.
My husband and I contacted Mrs. Arianna Baldi directly who, demonstrating in addition to a very particular kindness, courtesy and availability, great precision, professionalism and competence, she perfectly advised me in the choice of sizes and colors, also offering me the possibility of combinations and tailoring solutions (which I hadn't even thought of), certainly not found in pre-packaged products. This confirmed my first positive impression of the company and its products.
All linen was prepared and shipped promptly. Delivered in a short time, unfortunately I was able to open my very heavy box only a lot later: it was still all packaged and folded with such care and abundance that not in a single pillowcase or sheet, I found a false fold!
A double bed set with duvet cover (after excellent advice from Mrs. Baldi, American closure) and coordinated double-face pillowcases, with both the sleeping bag and the fitted sheet underneath (I have a very large and oversized mattress, and a duvet winter 250x220, so that the pre-packaged "King Size" were always too tight, the "Maxi King Size" too wide), plus a second pair of three-colored ruffle pillowcases to match (use four cushions), all in the beautiful pastel colors that I could choose; three sets in cotton, with both the bottom and the top made to measure, and for each two pairs of pillowcases with three ruffles, always all in the combinations of colors I wanted; the delightful set with "Provencal Aster" patterned flounce - in a wonderful blue - also made to measure, to which I combined a second pair of pillowcases with three ruffles, which the very kind Mrs. Baldi proposed to me in the same identical color and fabric as the bottom of the sheet: all garments in yarn-dyed and tightly woven cotton fabric, smooth and very pleasant to the touch, seams (none that were not strictly in line with the straight yarn!), riveting, absolutely perfect finishes.
In addition, unexpected as well as very welcome gift from Mrs. Baldi - who thereby reaffirmed, in addition to the already known kindness, an attention and care that really left me more than pleasantly surprised - I received a pair of very nice cotton terry washcloths, with the initials of my husband and mine embroidered on them, without either I or he ever having specified our names (except sometimes by signing us in some exchange of emails we had with her). Very cute. (Not to mention a discount coupon on the next purchase, even unexpected.)
For the next linen purchases (congratulations for the presentation on the site, and for the variety of items proposed!) We will certainly turn to "Ricami Fiorentini Baldi" again. Highly recommended.
A special thanks to Mrs. Arianna Baldi. "

January 2019


"I received a beautiful wedding suit! Excellent quality!"

October 2018


"Good morning, what to say ... I have bought several times made-to-measure sheets, sponges, the refinement and elegance of Made in Italy is unique, very serious company I will buy from them again!"

July 2018


"I bought a Panama summer bedspread and I was delighted with my choice. Apart from Mrs. Baldi's availability and kindness, the quality of the products exceeds expectations."

June 2018


"Purchased coordinated Bedspread and double bed sheet" Chiara "model. Nice product. Perfect packaging, excellent materials, even the geometric design is very pleasant and modern enriching the environment.
Excellent pre-sales advice from Mrs. Baldi .. Available and competent to choose the right size. Recommended."

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